Monday, 5 April 2010

Small boxes

So, I am having a great time just working at my own pace. I feel like I have been so productive. I was concerned that working from home would pose too many distractions but so far, I've been neglecting all the housework, cooking, etc. to work in the studio. For the past few days I have been making these small boxes. They have unique textures. They are small, 1"- 3" or so. When they are fired, they'll be even smaller. I'm not sure how I will glaze them. I think it would be awesome to woodfire some eventually. I may get a kiln this week in CT. I'm still trying to locate a wheel which has proved to be much harder than expected. They are all so expensive. I'll probably just save up and buy one in a few months. In the meantime, there are handbuilding skills to be honed and shows to apply to. Oh yeah, I should probably do some of that housework too...

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