Thursday, 15 April 2010

New Studio Dog

What an exciting week! I'm using my wheel daily and am loving it! On Tuesday, Joey and I drove to Saco, ME to pick up a new friend. He is a 2 year old, 16 lb mini australian shepherd. We got him from a rescue organizaion called Canine Guardians for Life. Apparently, his previous owner dumped him in a parking lot because she did not want him anymore. He was in a high kill shelter in West Virgina when Canine Guardians got him. He had been in a foster home for a month when we came across him online. He is a wonderful companion. He never barks, loves to cuddle, does not chew things up. He follows us everywhere; its as if he is afraid of being abandoned again and can't let us out of his sight! He would sleep in my arms at night if he could (we draw the line there- no dog in the bed). We had a time trying to pick a name. He came with one that did not seem to suit him. After trying on several dozen names I thought of his forever name. There is a famous black Japanese glaze called Tenmoku. So, that is it: his name is Tenmoku- Moki for short! He likes it and responds to it. It feels good to call him something other than buddy or puppy. When I am working, he either lies under the table or at my feet. Yesterday I made 9 teapots. I have to finish them today- add handles and lids. They take a long time but it is to be expected. They are such complex forms- they have it all: lids, spouts, handles. Hopefully I will finish those up today and can move onto something else.

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