Wednesday, 21 April 2010


For the past few days I have been working on jars. While making the bowls, I got inspired to make some jars with a similar form. Look at pictures from the bowls and jars; do you see the connection? Again, I made handbuilt, textured lids. The texture is what takes so long. However, I feel it is worth the time it takes. I have always had a special fondness for jars. I'm not sure what it is....Perhaps it it the idea of hidden containment, of storing things away in an attractive vessel. I don't really know. I really prefer the handbuilt lids. I used to always make little thrown lids. However, it is much harder to get the right fit. Also, I like the rounded effect I made with the handbuilt ones. They will look great in groups for photos.

On Monday it was my 25th birthday. Wow, I'm getting old, 1/4 of a century! Definately a milestone. For one of my gifts, Joey brought me to Exeter Fine Crafts, a beautiful craft store in Exeter's downtown area. He gave me a dollar amount and said I could buy anything I wanted. I picked out a Jane Kaufman orb with water lilies etched all over it. It is a little piece of inspiration, reminding me to keep it fun and light. Jane is quite the character. You can check out her website at We also went into this totally bizarre antique shop. I found some great little furniture pieces for displaying work. We also found this old shallow crock that is now Moki's water dish. It was such a nice day for strolling throught the town. Next up, I think I am going to make miniatures. They usually sell well at fairs. I'm thinking little jars and vases. Keep checking the blog; there will be more to come! Moki stole my seat today...little rascal!

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