Saturday, 21 May 2011


I've been busy working in my studio nearly every day. I'm gearing up for all the craft fairs this summer. Another opportunity has arrived. Kebel Galleries has invited me to participate in their business. As soon as I fire some of my new work, stay posted for more information regarding them. Check out their website at My friend Melissa Langley currently has some of her jewelry for sale. She is taking a missions trip to Haiti in July and is raising money for that.
It is always interesting to see what comes out of me after a pottery hiatus. This time I am making very bulgy pots that are heavily altered and textured. I've also been a litte obsessed with making small boxes for jewelry and other trinkets. I've just started making pendants to go in the boxes too. Here's some photos of the latest work.

I've been having fun making the bottoms of things very interesting. I'm hoping to woodfire some and electric glaze the rest. As my belly grows, my mind often turns to God's little creation. What's going on in there? Like a potter throwing behind a curtain, this little one is being made in the secret place. I wrote a poem today for my baby. Here it is:


Mossy spring air

carries dandelion seeds,

soft puffs, pregnant with potential,

containing hope for growth.

Floating like snow on unseen currents,

they land on grass, rolling together in cottony clumps.

They remind me of you-

somersaulting in my body,

warm in your utero playground.

Layers of you growing, cell upon cell.

Delicate, rice paper skin

covers your threadlike veins,

pulsing with life and maybe's and mystery.

You are my little seed.

My little hope.

Saturday, 30 April 2011


Unexpected changes in life recently....I was let go from my job at the florist's this past week. I didn't see it coming at all. So, just like that, I have a lot of free time on my hands. I have been looking for a new job but being 4 months pregnant poses some limitations. I will have some hours working on a local organic farm which should be a really awesome learning experience. But what about the rest of my time?
So, then I get to thinking: is this God's way of urging me to really develop my pottery and just go for it? I've been feeling like I should just go for it but the security of a weekly paycheck is a hard thing to refuse. With that removed from my life, my options are a bit more limited. I was accepted into Portsmouth Open Market which is a weekly outdoor craft fair held at Strawberry Banke in Portsmouth, NH. I signed up for 4 days so I have a lot of work to make for that. Also, I applied to the Concord Arts Market which is a similar event only in Concord, NH. I have not heard back yet from them.
So, what's a girl to do? Once Baby Therrien is born in October I will be staying home this my time to beging preparing for making money from home? Any thoughts would be appreciated! Stay tuned for new work and some photots coming soon!

Monday, 4 April 2011

NCECA Tampa 2011

Wow! It has been a long time since I last posted...too long in fact! Well, I've much to write about so here it goes. I recently returned from an NCECA conference. It is a big clay convention where over 6000 potters, collectors, teachers and students gather for 4 days of nothing but CLAY! This year it was hosted in Tampa, FL. It was only my second time in the sunny state and I had a very enjoyable visit. I have to say that I missed my husband a lot and wish he could have come with me. The four days are packed with lectures, panel discussions, networking, viewing cermic work, eating, talking and socializing. It is like an overload of sights and information. There were demonstrations and lots of tools and products to look at. I met quite a few artists including Richard Notkin who is a well known political sculptor. I went to the Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg and shed some tears. I also took a bus tour through St. Petersburg to view a bunch of galleries and clay companies that had tons of shows. I purchased three pieces: a bowl by Cheyanne Rudolph, a plate by Seth Payne and a mug by Birdie Boon. All of these pieces really inspire me and I am loving their presence. The weather was...volatile. The first day, it was cloudy and windy. The second day, torrential rain and thunderstorms (tornado warnings in the next county). The last two days were excellent, 75-80 and sunny. I did manage to get a little sun. I did not go to any beaches but the convention center was right near the bay. I was able to spend some time with several former professors, Chris Archer, John Baymore and Karen Orsillo. I also got to know some of the current students at NHIA which was a wonderful experience. I always leave NCECA feeling so inspired; this year was no different. I am READY to get back to the clay! I have my little studio all set up. I have access to wood and electric kilns. Look out NH, here I come!

Friday, 14 May 2010

New Work and a Craft Fair

It has been a long time since my last posting. It has been an interesting few weeks around here. I have not made any new work because I have been focusing on glazing and finding a part time job. A big reality check informed us that it is essential that I make some kind of steady paycheck. I will be working 20 hours a week at Catholic Medical Center as a dietary aide. The hours are good, 3-7pm and it will give me the socialization that I miss being at home all day. I unloaded the kiln yesterday and was very happy to find that the dreaded bubbles did not resurface. I thinned out the glaze, did not double dip and I extended the firing 4 hours. It seemed to do the trick! I am still getting a feel for the 7 new glazes I have. Some combinations worked better than others but that is to be expected. I really liked using a white glaze with color accents. My first craft fair it tomorrow in Londonderry, NH. Sarah and I have been busy gathering everything we need for it. We have a tent and shelves, etc. Everything seems good to go! We have to set up tonight. I hope to see some of you faithful readers there!
The Mission of St. Peter
3 Peabody Ln
Londonderry, NH

Thursday, 22 April 2010

A Break from the Wheel

For the past few days I needed a break from the wheel. In an effort to diversify what I'm making, I turned to some wall sculptures. In college I started making this cocoon form. I have made a few successful pieces with it. They are fun to make, little coil built, textured pod like things. The difference this time is that I made a wall piece for them to hang from. So, when they are all glazed and done, I will attach the cocoons to a found stick. Then, I will attach the stick to the back sculpture (that is what the holes are for). I am pretty happy with them so far. They are on the small side. I am interested to see what would happen if they became larger. I am hoping to woodfire them. They are pretty cool little items. We will see if there is a market for them!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


For the past few days I have been working on jars. While making the bowls, I got inspired to make some jars with a similar form. Look at pictures from the bowls and jars; do you see the connection? Again, I made handbuilt, textured lids. The texture is what takes so long. However, I feel it is worth the time it takes. I have always had a special fondness for jars. I'm not sure what it is....Perhaps it it the idea of hidden containment, of storing things away in an attractive vessel. I don't really know. I really prefer the handbuilt lids. I used to always make little thrown lids. However, it is much harder to get the right fit. Also, I like the rounded effect I made with the handbuilt ones. They will look great in groups for photos.

On Monday it was my 25th birthday. Wow, I'm getting old, 1/4 of a century! Definately a milestone. For one of my gifts, Joey brought me to Exeter Fine Crafts, a beautiful craft store in Exeter's downtown area. He gave me a dollar amount and said I could buy anything I wanted. I picked out a Jane Kaufman orb with water lilies etched all over it. It is a little piece of inspiration, reminding me to keep it fun and light. Jane is quite the character. You can check out her website at We also went into this totally bizarre antique shop. I found some great little furniture pieces for displaying work. We also found this old shallow crock that is now Moki's water dish. It was such a nice day for strolling throught the town. Next up, I think I am going to make miniatures. They usually sell well at fairs. I'm thinking little jars and vases. Keep checking the blog; there will be more to come! Moki stole my seat today...little rascal!

Sunday, 18 April 2010


Yesterday I made bowls. I made 12 in all. It is hard because since I have such limited space, I can't make lots of one thing. I will probably fire these, pack them away somewhere and free up shelf space for more. Anyway, I liked they way they came out for the most part. Some have stronger forms than others. These bowls are kind of tall. I like a tall bowl for eating a big salad. That way, none of the stuff falls out like it sometimes does in lower bowls. I suppose I will make lower bowls next. The wierd thing about working from home is the hours. Somehow, I have gotten myself into a very bad schedule. I will work until 2 or 3 in the morning, crash out, then sleep in later than I'd like to admit. I really don't like doing this and am trying to get back to a regular pattern but it is not easy. I feel like I am in college again, staying up all night to do projects. I have some time today to throw. Yesterday while working on altering these bowls, I got some ideas for making covered jars in a similar shape. I think I will tackle that next. I could even make small casseroles. Argh! The possibilites are endless!!!