Thursday, 22 April 2010

A Break from the Wheel

For the past few days I needed a break from the wheel. In an effort to diversify what I'm making, I turned to some wall sculptures. In college I started making this cocoon form. I have made a few successful pieces with it. They are fun to make, little coil built, textured pod like things. The difference this time is that I made a wall piece for them to hang from. So, when they are all glazed and done, I will attach the cocoons to a found stick. Then, I will attach the stick to the back sculpture (that is what the holes are for). I am pretty happy with them so far. They are on the small side. I am interested to see what would happen if they became larger. I am hoping to woodfire them. They are pretty cool little items. We will see if there is a market for them!

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