Wednesday, 31 March 2010

New Studio!

This week has been an exciting and slightly terrifying one. Last Saturday I gave my notice at my full-time job. I am going to make pottery full time and sell it. I've been wanting to do this since college but did not feel ready. It seemed like such a scary jump to take. Lately, things at work have not been awesome and I just always was wanting to be in the studio. This is a change because for a while, I had a hard time going to the studio and making pots. The more I thought and prayed the more it was confirmed that the time is now!

So, the first problem is where do I make my work. Joey and I rearranged our small one bedroom apartment to allow me some space. So, in the living room, behind the futon there is a 10' x 6' space that is all mine! We went to Lowe's and bought some shelving and some boards to use as wareboards. Joey even let me use our kitchen table as my work table. Did I mention I am married to the most supportive, amazing man ever! I still need to get a pottery wheel- very important! Any leads on that would be super helpful. I might need a bit more shelving but for now, I have enough. It will be so nice to be able to roll out of bed any time of day or night and go make some work. Last night while Joey watched TV (right in front of me) I made some handbuilt butter dishes. They need some refinement, but overall, I think they came out fun.
The next issue to tackle is selling my work. First, I have to make a whole bunch with a good variety of form. I have a fair coming up in mid May and I also want to jury for the league of NH Craftsmen too. I am hoping to sell my work online wwww., in some shops and at some craft fairs. Any suggestions of selling venues would be greatly appreciated. Thank you to all those who have supported me as I have nurtured my creative giftings. Without all of you, its just not possible!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

And the results are....

Mixed! 50% of my work came out great, 50% came out less so, 100% learning experience! I got some major blistering on much of the work. Also, I owe Sarah some kiln shelves as a bunch of the glaze ran right off the pots onto the shelves. Sorry friend! I need to fiddle with the firing length I think. I will survey some more experienced potters to help troubleshoot. In good news, the colors for the most part look really great. They are bright and earthy, very cheerful. I am going to list all the sellable ones on Etsy. Let me know if you want to buy any. Also, I worked on making some fun jars. I still have about 5 left to finish. I'm preparing for craft fairs this summer. I will post locations and times.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Yesterday I spent a good five hours in the studio. I have learned my first hard pottery lesson: when you don't strain the glazes, they come out with defects on the pots. I just kind of forgot to do it and I got some yucky things going on with a few items. Today I spent a few hours straining all of them. Then, I glazed as much bisqueware as I could and loaded it into the kiln. I had wanted to start the kiln up that night but I ran out of time. I think I probably glazed 50 pieces or so. I have about 15 more pieces to do then, I will embark on my first firing! After that, I will hopefully have some pieces for sale.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Small beginnings

Yesterday, Joey and I took advantage of my day off and drove 1 1/2 to Portland, ME to buy some pottery supplies. I now have a humble looking box with 8 bags of powder. They may not look like much; however, they will be the 8 glazes that will make my pots beautiful. I chose lovely soft, earthy colors. I can't wait to fire! I have a whole bunch of bisqued pots ready to go. I will post pics soon. I will probably set up an page to sell my pots through. Also, be ready to see my work at local fairs. That is the next step! I am so excited to finally be making work! These glazes are very inspiring to me and I can't wait to try them out.

Monday, 1 March 2010

New Beginnings

Here is my attempt at tracking my pottery progress. I have named my pottery Dokimas Pottery because it is a really cool word. In the greek, it means "tested and approved". It was often stamped on the bottom of a piece of pottery when its maker was satisfied. It is a word about refinement and trials. It speaks to the literal art of pottery. I really like it because it reminds me of my faith and how I am constantly being put through the fire. I am often being tested and approved by my heavenly father, the Lord Jesus!
Currently, I am sharing a studio in Goffstown, NH with my friend and fellow potter Sarah. We went to college together and now work together at A Market Natural Foods. We are in the process of transforming her basement into a stellar studio! What a joy it is to work alongside her. Thanks Sarah for letting me use your place to make art!
My first project is a commission for a set of bowls. I threw them, altered them and engraved them. Now, they must be fired and glazed. I am very pleased with the outcome thus far!