Monday, 4 April 2011

NCECA Tampa 2011

Wow! It has been a long time since I last posted...too long in fact! Well, I've much to write about so here it goes. I recently returned from an NCECA conference. It is a big clay convention where over 6000 potters, collectors, teachers and students gather for 4 days of nothing but CLAY! This year it was hosted in Tampa, FL. It was only my second time in the sunny state and I had a very enjoyable visit. I have to say that I missed my husband a lot and wish he could have come with me. The four days are packed with lectures, panel discussions, networking, viewing cermic work, eating, talking and socializing. It is like an overload of sights and information. There were demonstrations and lots of tools and products to look at. I met quite a few artists including Richard Notkin who is a well known political sculptor. I went to the Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg and shed some tears. I also took a bus tour through St. Petersburg to view a bunch of galleries and clay companies that had tons of shows. I purchased three pieces: a bowl by Cheyanne Rudolph, a plate by Seth Payne and a mug by Birdie Boon. All of these pieces really inspire me and I am loving their presence. The weather was...volatile. The first day, it was cloudy and windy. The second day, torrential rain and thunderstorms (tornado warnings in the next county). The last two days were excellent, 75-80 and sunny. I did manage to get a little sun. I did not go to any beaches but the convention center was right near the bay. I was able to spend some time with several former professors, Chris Archer, John Baymore and Karen Orsillo. I also got to know some of the current students at NHIA which was a wonderful experience. I always leave NCECA feeling so inspired; this year was no different. I am READY to get back to the clay! I have my little studio all set up. I have access to wood and electric kilns. Look out NH, here I come!


  1. Thanks Kari for posting your thoughts about your trip - It is just what any of us need to stay inspired with our passion ! Like for us going to NRB (National Religious Broadcasters). I cannot wait to see, touch and purchase some of your new work !! You are special to me. -- Sharon

  2. hope you are loving your new cup!!

  3. Birdie, you bet I'm loving it!