Saturday, 21 May 2011


I've been busy working in my studio nearly every day. I'm gearing up for all the craft fairs this summer. Another opportunity has arrived. Kebel Galleries has invited me to participate in their business. As soon as I fire some of my new work, stay posted for more information regarding them. Check out their website at My friend Melissa Langley currently has some of her jewelry for sale. She is taking a missions trip to Haiti in July and is raising money for that.
It is always interesting to see what comes out of me after a pottery hiatus. This time I am making very bulgy pots that are heavily altered and textured. I've also been a litte obsessed with making small boxes for jewelry and other trinkets. I've just started making pendants to go in the boxes too. Here's some photos of the latest work.

I've been having fun making the bottoms of things very interesting. I'm hoping to woodfire some and electric glaze the rest. As my belly grows, my mind often turns to God's little creation. What's going on in there? Like a potter throwing behind a curtain, this little one is being made in the secret place. I wrote a poem today for my baby. Here it is:


Mossy spring air

carries dandelion seeds,

soft puffs, pregnant with potential,

containing hope for growth.

Floating like snow on unseen currents,

they land on grass, rolling together in cottony clumps.

They remind me of you-

somersaulting in my body,

warm in your utero playground.

Layers of you growing, cell upon cell.

Delicate, rice paper skin

covers your threadlike veins,

pulsing with life and maybe's and mystery.

You are my little seed.

My little hope.

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