Monday, 1 March 2010

New Beginnings

Here is my attempt at tracking my pottery progress. I have named my pottery Dokimas Pottery because it is a really cool word. In the greek, it means "tested and approved". It was often stamped on the bottom of a piece of pottery when its maker was satisfied. It is a word about refinement and trials. It speaks to the literal art of pottery. I really like it because it reminds me of my faith and how I am constantly being put through the fire. I am often being tested and approved by my heavenly father, the Lord Jesus!
Currently, I am sharing a studio in Goffstown, NH with my friend and fellow potter Sarah. We went to college together and now work together at A Market Natural Foods. We are in the process of transforming her basement into a stellar studio! What a joy it is to work alongside her. Thanks Sarah for letting me use your place to make art!
My first project is a commission for a set of bowls. I threw them, altered them and engraved them. Now, they must be fired and glazed. I am very pleased with the outcome thus far!

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  1. Hey Kari! I love the name you chose for your pottery! I love that God birthed this in you as He gave you your hearts desire that day - expressing this word in song and in demonstration with a pottery wheel.

    What a "Beauty He is Creating!"