Thursday, 25 March 2010

And the results are....

Mixed! 50% of my work came out great, 50% came out less so, 100% learning experience! I got some major blistering on much of the work. Also, I owe Sarah some kiln shelves as a bunch of the glaze ran right off the pots onto the shelves. Sorry friend! I need to fiddle with the firing length I think. I will survey some more experienced potters to help troubleshoot. In good news, the colors for the most part look really great. They are bright and earthy, very cheerful. I am going to list all the sellable ones on Etsy. Let me know if you want to buy any. Also, I worked on making some fun jars. I still have about 5 left to finish. I'm preparing for craft fairs this summer. I will post locations and times.

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